Tips for Clients

Tips for Clients

Now that you probably have bought your dream home in the Riviera Maya and or probably thinking of buying it, we are going to give you a few tips about maintenance and minor issues that you will encounter these tips we know for a fact will prepare you for what’s ahead. From being part of the local real estate environment in playa del Carmen, the wealth of experience that we have gained over the years for being property managers for over 40 properties and 2 condominium buildings one with 5 condos and another of 18 condos and also we manage properties through out the Riviera Maya, playacar, el cielo main center playa del Carmen, elijido to name a few, we know that getting the proper maintenance personnel to solve your household problems is at utmost importance and also to inform you of the high level of patience that you have to exercise for service providers like gas water (aquakan use to be CAPA) ,Cablemas cable tv and Internet NOW CHANGING OVER TO Izzi , Telmex (LAND LINES AND INTERNET)and CFE which is the commisoion for electricity as some people from Canada may refer to it as the hydro company. There is another aspect in regards to Maids and their cleaning services and also Security Personnel both private and public.
First of all if you are not a fluent or don’t have a manageable dominance of the language Spanish you will certainly experience some problems eg.

1. Setting up an appointment for a maintenance personnel

2. Negotiating prices.

3.Explaining what your problem is and if you have and idea of how you want it done explaining that to them.

Please note some of the maintenance guys really do have good experience and knows what they are doing as the way things are done here may not be the same as your home or country therefore a lot of your suggestions to him or her may not be applicable so sometimes it really helps to understand what they are doing or saying if not make sure you have and translator at your side. Also you have to be careful of the source of the maintenance person that is there (trust worthy) as they may not have an idea of what they are doing and make your problems duplicate or create another, and may even return to your property even though you didn’t request it.

Most of the new owners of homes who seek property management please be aware that you hire someone who knows and understand your home and also sees your vision in terms of caretaking and upkeep of your property in line with the high standard of service and comfort you want for the people who share your home whether they will be vacation renters, long term renters or visiting friends and family.
I am sure we here at playa-sales can be the perfect fit for you and the answers for all of your needs, as we understand most people may have invested with their retirement funds, life savings etc. We know that not all property owners in Mexico are rich and we take care of their properties like it’s our own, and with utmost responsibility and care, also keeping in mind its is a business for some owners and we act quickly, professionally and safely to attain maximum service and security for all owners in accordance to their individual requested style.