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Senior Agent Trevor R. Noel

Welcome to playa-sales and rentals a new generation of trusting professionals. A team that provides the number one service in sales, rentals and revenue management consulting for both types of investments, and property management.

Here is my story my name is Trevor noel I  grew up in the west indies  most of you all knows it as the Caribbean. I studied on the island of grenada where I worked in the banking industry for a over 6years starting as a regulat teller or cashier  and rose to the post of internal auditor for the bank who had over 8 branches through out the island , from there I realize I love helping people I was able to assit in loans credit and administration and creating systems etc.  On September 7, 2004, Hurricane Ivan, a category 3 storm, struck the Caribbean island of Grenada, causing widespread destruction. The financial cost of the disaster was estimated at more than US$900 million, more than twice the country’s GDP  and this is where my journey truly began.


I then volunteered to help the personel in the national disaster management agency  as Ivan was approaching with haste and vengerance ,  and my uncle who was the coordinator of that agency was left with almost no one at his side except a policeman a representotave from the us embassy a reporter and 3 of his loyal workers we then started to prepare with haste hustling to the ministry of finance to take the biggest suv’s  so we can go to extract elders from their homes. I remember going to extract a blind lady from her home In a village called belmount , she had no family to care for her ,we called out her name she answered at the first call, we then to her  to the shelter and will never forget   the tears of joy running from her eyes  as we escorted her to the suv. Remembered very clearly trying to rush to the main military base for blankets in the agency warehouse and how I had to dodge fallen trees like in the movies to get back to the head quarters of the agency. When I arrived I had 4 flat tires . within minutes we were being bashed, the suvs were literally lifting about 2 feet from the ground bounded together by heavy winds the roof of the agency blew off  after 2hrs  , the roof of the prime ministers house shelling out like a deck of cards  being shared on  poker table it was total caos, and the proudness I felt when we left in the hurricane to clear the main roads as we assumed lots of  injurys and maybe death  as the hurricane had develop to a category 4  and stayed a couple of hours beating the island , people cheered as we passed by clearing the path in the street and again never i will forget we literally moved half a house from the street so our vehicels can pass and people was asking with fear if the can come outside.

I then was working along with almost all of the non governmental agencies you can think of from Oxfam to us aid unesco  undp and paho  red cross  undp and other united nations agencies you can think of . we stayed night planning a way back to normality for the island ,learnt how to work as team and with people from differnet parts of the world and my love for helping people grew deeper into me. I was promoted to chief logistical officer on the island after such experience and the knowledge that was installed in e from all the agencies combined. My auditing and administrative experience came into play and the consulting from all of these ngo’s came into play.

I as rewarded with a scholarship to mexico to study envoironmental enginerying and I changed my major to management of natural resources , from there i worked with the mexican  government in developing a database for palidismo through out the entire state , I was then asked to go to Tulum to help a friend who had a hotel and instantly I was puled back into finance and administration , we then joined force with one of the top hotel company called design hotels where we undertook the great papaya playa project  where i was able to gain more knowledge on customer service and administration form a professoional team from all parts of the world like the US , Germany and swiss to spain, Australia , Italy ,Sweden ,Holland just to name a few. I was then the revenue manger  and front office manager of the hotel  and I soaked in everything from that experience for the few years that I stayed there. I remembered on opening night  I met another hard worker in the real estate business who I appreciate for letting me into the rental and sale world in playa del Carmen , she was professional woman,and also one you can hold  to her words  we worked in real estate together for a while and we have seen the evolution of doing rentals and sales  in playa del Carmen over a 12 year span  and we had seen the indicators  for the  exponential growth  of the town of playa del Carmen  where income from rent and real estate are increasing dramatically.

For this reason I have endeavored to put into use all my knowledge and experience  in the helping people to buy their new homes , maximizing income by renting their properties if they choose to , consulting on managing their  seasons on when they can rent  and stay at home  etc. we know that you as interested buyers want maximum return on your investment whether it’s the dream house or as an investment property , some of you will be getting your resources from your retirement fund, life savings , and  or even personal loans have worked very hard for your money and not everyone was gifted to be millionaires or may even be a an ex pat.

Me and my team wants to help you get the perfect property commercial or industrial  and also the perfect rental client and also we do  property management so we can guide you through your investment ,which we know is your life. we have ton of experience  in property management and we mange properties and condominiums through out playa del Carmen ,Tulum and rest of the Riviera maya .Our team  are professional enough to know that some of you  who comes to mexico to buy a property to live, or rent is not here because they are rich or they win the lottery  its also because they are well organized and researched on a place where they can Invest  their lives  safely, happily and economically comfortable  for the rest of their life . As we say life is a beach… some say other wise it’s a ball on the beach…

I am also an avid basketball player so if you up for a game you can challenge me  just send me and email of time and place I may just show up……

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