Property Management

Property Management

Our property management contract is very flexible and present and future home or condo owners may contract the services of Playa-sales to manage their properties .Most times our Basic Responsibilities covers the following pointers we are about to mention. If any owner appoints Playa-sales as Property Managers with authority to do the necessary things as listed below for the fulfilment of their personalized agreement, which normally includes the following basic things. (Please be aware not every thing is listed and you as an owner can add or subtract based on your needs.)


1.Payment of all bills as they come due and collect receipts (CFE, CAPA, Cablemas, Telmex, Sky, Dish, Telcel, Property Taxes, Fideicomiso Payments and others). Some receipts may not be available in an original format but may be available in a digital format in some cases.

2.Airing out the property every 14 days for and adequate amount of time depending on the season and climate and do a general check-up (electric, water etc.) if property is not occupied.

3.Cleaning is services , if check out and check in is on the same day the prices of these services negotiable (we recommend that all properties provide cleaning products).

4.Cleaning does not include laundry of clothes (if washer/dryer in unit maids can 1 load laundry). Laundry prices depend on what the laundry charges and distance and logistics to getting it there.

5.Sending out monthly reports (expenses and income and balances ) to the owner latest on 10th of each month for the month before (i.e. January report will arrive no later than 11th february).

6.To supervise all employees and other labour for maintenance and repairs to the property. All repairs and expenses above 1500 Pesos therefore have to be authorized by the owner.


7.To rent the property and the commissions taken based on the local market commission schemes:

Long Term (6 month and longer)
6 month rental contract = ½ month of rent
12 month rental contract = 1 month of rent

Short term (less than 6 month) & Vacation Rental (daily & weekly)
Playa-sales will receives the following commissions for short term and vacation rentals:
20% commission per collected rent for rentals booked through Playa-sales.

8.If needed by an owner we will meet and greet new guests within 24 hours of their arrival either personally to explain the following: Date and time of maid service during their stay, location of beach towels, beach chairs, and beach umbrellas, operation of televisions, operation of safe, discuss entry by security gate only after 8:00 p.m., location of extra Keys, show them your phone numbers in the Guestbook in case they have problems and is available for tenants, guests and owner via phone and/or email from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm and Saturday from 9am to 2pm. Tenants, guests and owner are asked to contact Property Manager outside of business hours only in emergencies.

There are certain liabilities and responsibilities of us as Property Manager:
Owner will have to take into consideration that Playa-sales will not be responsible or liable for claims, charges, debts, demands and lawsuits, and from any liability for injury on or about the property which may be suffered by any employee, tenant or guest upon the property. Playa-Rentals recommend all owners to insure their properties we can also assist you in this.

Compensation to us as your Property Manager:
Owner agrees to compensate Playa-Rentals depending on the services that you may require from us, as from our years of experience, we know that each owner have their different styles and needs in terms of the services we provide and again as we are flexible in providing these individual professional services so are or compensation and we charge accordingly and fairly based on your needs.

The Terms of Agreement or contract between playa sales and you as a property owner normally runs for a year and is renewable automatically.